Good afternoon, my fellow readers! It’s a great day for a pen review; I can feel it, and it’s not just ANY review. It’s a pen that has TEN colors. You know what’s even better? IT’S ONLY A DOLLAR. Whaaaaatttt? That’s insane.

I was at Dollar Tree, which is a dollar store chain that can be found in the United States. Remarkably, all the products at Dollar Tree are actually $1, unlike other dollar stores, strangely. and I was roaming the office products section as I usually do. They had just released their back to school seasoned items, and I was ecstatic. Therefore, I had to get my butt over to a Dollar Tree.

They had the Jot 10 color pens hooked onto the wall. They came in multiple base colors: pink, blue, and green. I believe it only came with one thickness also: 0.7mm. I got myself the pink one, while I got my sister the blue one.



The colors are very pretty. They come in a wide range! According to the Dollar Tree website,

Write in your color of choice without picking up a separate pen! Each pen comes assorted among blue, pink, and green casings and includes 10 different colors of ink: black, brown, burgundy, red, pink, lime green, green, light blue, purple, and blue. Lightweight design and smooth-flowing ink makes writing easy on any surface. Great item for offices, schools, bookstores, and resale.



One thing I thought was strange, or I just don’t have enough experience with multicolored pens, but I couldn’t click another color when I already had one out. Does that make sense? I’m not too sure haha. Anyways, you would have to click the circular top in order to bring back the color that you have out, demonstrated in the picture above. When reading their description, I was confused. Burgundy? Which one is burgundy? I mentally checked off all the colors that I knew were there, and it narrowed down to the one that I believed was a mustard-like yellow. I completely do not understand how that color could be considered burgundy. Coincidentally, that color held a flaw. I could not click the clicker down, and when I did, the tip came out like so:


It came out further than how it is supposed to, and it was bent! I couldn’t click it back without more force than a pen should have. I would say that the ink is very smooth, and not inky at all. I am not worried about smearing the ink while I write. Another thing is that I thought the light blue was going to be a teal color! The clicker clearly shows a teal color, but it comes out as a light blue. It is very bulky to write with, but that’s a price you must pay to have a 10 color pen. It also does not bleed through the paper badly.

Here are the colors:


I would say that this pen is definitely worth its price. Although, I don’t know how it will hold up in the long run. For $1, you get 10 colors. That’s 10 cents per color! The flaw with the “burgundy” color is odd, and I believe that it is a manufacturing issue with my click. Good thing I won’t be using that color too often! 🙂 Otherwise, everything else is PERFECT!


Kimberlyreviews 🙂

Author’s Note: What did you guys think?! Are you going to head to the Dollar Tree to get yourself a pen now? I hope so! It’s worth it! I am planning on doing ANOTHER multi-colored pen review very soon. Be on the watch for that!

**I bought this item with my own money. I am not sponsored to do this review. All opinions are of my own.