The CushionCare Colossal Squishy Peach Stress Relief Toy: Is it worth it?

It can be found on Amazon for an incredible price of $7.97. This is its description of Amazon:

☄ CRAZY SLOW-RISING – Our Colossal Squishy Peach is great for heavy laptop or keyboard users to reduce strain on their wrists and helps relieve stress, increases focus and promotes an overall sense of relaxing and wellbeing.

☄ THE HIGHEST QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE – Crafted from premium quality PU foam with sweet peach scent and soft malleable texture. Lightweight, durable and comfortable. Built to last a lifetime.

☄ SUPER MULTIFUNCTIONAL – The Jumbo Peach Squishy helps hand rehabilitation trainings, a colorful decoration and a thoughtful gift for squishy collectors and all the hard workers in your life.

☄ COMPACT AND PORTABLE – Measures only 4 x 4 inches. Ideal to use at your desk, in your cubicle or carry it in your bag or backpack to keep yourself relaxed anytime, anywhere.

☄ 1 YEAR COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY – We would like to earn your business for a lifetime, but for any reason if you are not “5-Star Happy” simply contact us and we will do everything to make you 100% with your purchase.

It arrived in a large, orange bubble mailer. A LOT of coverage for a squishy, but better safe than sorry, right?

It has great detailing from the leaves to the bottom: an ombré effect from yellow to deep orange/pink. It most definitely represents a peach.

As a stress relief toy, it definitely does the job. I found myself squishing it and playing with it, while I was overwhelmed with something. It has the same functionality as a fidget spinner/cube: To fidget and to become distracted, yet focused. It is incredibly fun to play with!

It is supposed to smell like a peach, but unfortunately, I despise the smell. It irritates my nose, and it causes my head to hurt. It has a plastic-like foam smell that I do not desire, but it could be the artificial peach smell. ALTHOUGH, the squish makes up for it. I just need to wash my hands after playing with it. After some time, I’m sure the smell will eventually wear off.

Overall, I think this product is awesome, besides the smell. If you are a fan of peach smells, you may enjoy this item more than I do. This item would be perfect for a squishy fanatic and a kid who can’t keep their hands still! 🙂 It is everything that it describes it as. Hopefully, the smell will wear off, but I have high hopes! Good job, CushionCare!

See you guys soon!

Kimberlyreviews 🙂

Author’s Note: Long time no see! I’m deeply sorry for being MIA for the past few months. School got the best of me, but it’s finally summer. I plan on being more consistent with my reviews, and I’m thinking about becoming more active with a LIFESTYLE blog. We’ll see, though. 🙂 I would like to thank CushionCare for sending me this product to review. I will forever be grateful!

***I received this item to review in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. I am in no way paid or sponsored by the mentioned companies.