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This review is going to be a little different from my typical reviews, but I would like to review a bunch of different items to appeal to a variety of readers 🙂

On this post, I will be reviewing cable clips! I have always wanted to invest in cable clips to make my life more organized.

Vorfreude offers very adorable, efficient cable clips on Amazon for a low price!

I got my package on Saturday, November 11, and I ordered it on Thursday, November 3. It was able to come so quick because I have Amazon Prime Student! 🙂

I bought 3 types: Single Black Rabbit, Single White Rabbit, and Double Multi-colors.

You can find them here:

Black Rabbit:

White Rabbit:

Double, Large Multi-Colored:

I have to say, the rabbits are adorable. They have some details on the ears, which brings the whole rabbit concept together.

I got ten of each type: Ten black rabbits, ten white rabbits, four green double clips, three pink double clips, and three orange double clips. They are about the size of a quarter, and the large double clips are slightly larger!

You might be thinking: why should I even get these?

I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m a very lazy person. If there are any products that will make my life easier in some way, I will be purchasing it. These cable clips make it easier for me to locate wires! Also, I don’t have to bend down to reach for the wires! Here’s what I’m talking about:

I put my laptop charger into the white bunny! I love the contrast! My laptop wire is quite thick, for it required me to open the ears out a bit before putting it in. It still fits though! I was just scared it would break. If I used the colored cable clips, it would fit perfectly!

I put my iPhone charger into the black bunny cable clip! It’s super adorable, and it makes my life 100% easier especially when I’m studying at my desk.

Depending on where I’m using my laptop, my wire needs to be in a different spot! I usually have a fold-able table I use. My black desk for my worksheets, and the fold-able table for my laptop. I actually took off the bunny one from its original location and moved it, and now the stickiness is lacking a bit! Although it still sticks, it comes off slightly. If that’s the case, I would use this!

I can put my iPhone charger and my laptop charger in one spot! The slot fits the charger perfectly! The slot is a bit roomy for the iPhone charger, but the large end of the charger holds it together!

Now I found another use for a cable clip. Look at this magic!

I have my TV mounted onto my wall, so there’s hanging wires that bother the heck out of me. I can’t do anything about the 2 large wires because I need to plug those into the outlet, but the one in the middle is gone! I connected the double cable clip to the wall mount, and put the wire into the slot. Now the wire is out of sight! 🙂

I have not come up with other ways to use these cable clips in my bedroom, but once I do, I will definitely post them! An idea that I have is to use these for fairy lights! It would be super efficient for that, and possibly Christmas lights as well!

After purchase, they sent an e-mail out to thank the buyers personally. It also comes with a coupon for a second purchase. I will be definitely using that soon! To get 5% off your order of 2 items, or 10% off your order of 3 or more items, use the code: ILoveVfd

I’m giving the code to you because I consider my readers to be my friends and family! 🙂

Overall thoughts: These cable clips are suppose to have two main purposes: to organize and to clean. Not only does it serve those purposes, it is also adorable and colorful, which makes it much more appealing. These cable clips fulfill their purpose, and they make my life a lot easier. I would definitely recommend these to a friend, and I would repurchase once I run out! For such a low price, I find these to be very attractive! Make sure you think about where you place the cable clip prior to putting it down. If you remove it from its original location, it may lose its stickiness. For a home-based business, I am very satisfied with their service and their products! What makes me go back to a business is their service, and I am overly satisfied!

Thank you so much for reading this post! I know it is not typical of me, but I hope to review more products that are not just subscription box-related! 🙂 I greatly appreciate it all! The next review I plan to write will be on another set of pens! I hope to order another subscription box soon, also. Thank you so much for everything! 🙂

-Kimberlyreviews 🙂

*** I received this product for free for my unbiased and honest opinion. I do my best to provide the most detailed reviews to allow people to get the most information in order to make an educated purchase. If my experience have changed, I may come back to edit my review.