YumeTwins is a  subscription box that delivers to you monthly from Japan! It is filled with kawaii items. YumeTwins is another box provided by Tokyo Treat, which I did a review on. You can read it here: CLICK ME! 🙂

For a monthly subscription, it is $29.99 per month. It is $23.99 but shipping costs $6.

A 3-month subscription is $87. 6-month subscription is $170, and a 12-month subscription is $330.

Each month, YumeTwins allows you to sign up for a giveaway to win a month’s worth subscription, and lucky me, I won one! 🙂 I was so incredibly lucky and thankful, and I can share with you guys what I got! 🙂

I received the box on October 22, 2016 within the range of the expected delivery date.


The box is super adorable, and it appealed to me right away! The purple is super pretty, and I know I’m gonna be using the box as storage instead of just throwing it away! 🙂


Here’s the super adorable pamphlet!


And the inside with all the awesome items…


Item #1: YumeTwins Original Halloween Sticker

You don’t understand how excited I was for this! I’m trying to build a sticker collection, so once I get a Macbook, I can put them on it! So exciting! And, it’s their first sticker? Way to go, YumeTwins!!!!


Rate: 10/10

Item #2: Standing Cat Toothbrush


Whoa! This sounds crazy, but getting a toothbrush in a subscription box is actually exciting. It’s an item that I will actually use, and it’s basically a blind box also! There were 4 color combos you could have received, and I am satisfied with mine! Love this item, and there’s a plastic cover for the bristles, even cooler for travel.

Rate: 10/10

Item #3: Hello Kitty Cat Cafe Mini-Figure

box collage.jpg

So CUTE!! I LOVE Hello Kitty!! I also love blind boxes because you never know what you are going to get! I don’t see a reason for me to use this as I am nearly an adult, BUT it is cute. I might put it in a display and glue it, or give it to a younger relative. It came with a gum though! Sweet!!! Here are the contents:


I got Sleepy! It’s so cute! There’s Cinnamoroll and a cute magazine with details! It’s awesome and super adorable!

Rate: 10/10

Item #4: My Collage Decorative Sticky Notes


I LOVE sticky notes, and you can’t find anything like this in the United States! This is so unique and awesome! This is gonna look amazing in my notes this year for school!

Rate: 10/10

Item #5: Snoopy Riceball Shapers


This is so cool. I had just bought sushi the day prior, so I could make these super cute. I love Snoopy, and I can’t wait to make these for my friends! I tried it out, and it doesn’t look too bad, right? 🙂

Rate: 10/10

Item #6: Masquerade Design Facial Pack


This is such a unique concept, and I’ve never seen anything like it before! 🙂 There were 2 different masks, and you could have gotten one of them! I really like this one! I haven’t found time to use it yet, but I will certainly use it once I can! 🙂

Rate: 10/10

Item #7: Yokai Watch Komasan Fluffy Pouch


I don’t exactly know what Yokai Watch is, but that’s okay because this pencil pouch is still super cute! It is very functional for me because I love stationary, so I have a lot of pens and sticky notes. I use this pouch everyday, and I put my Papermate Flair Pens (which I did a review on ) in here with my sticky notes and washi tape on the other side, so it fits a lot!

Rate: 10/10

Item #8: Shinada Koishi-tai Plushie


This is so cute. It reminded me of a cherry or a Japanese version of an Angry Bird! I will most likely hang this up in my room! Apparently, it brings you luck to your romance life! I have a boyfriend, but maybe he will take me on a date soon haha 🙂

Rate: 10/10


I LOVE this box! Everything can be put into use! I love being able to use the items I receive or buy rather than just having it laying around. I wish I could stay subscribed, but sadly I’m not financially stable to do that! YumeTwins impressed me beyond what I thought they would do. It came on time through USPS , and I am so grateful to receive this box. Thank you YumeTwins for such an incredible opportunity (AND THEY DO IT EVERY MONTH). I will certainly be using everything! For $30 a month, it seems a little pricey but shipping is included! Definitely worth it!

Thank you so much for reading my first (and hopefully not last) YumeTwins Review! I’ve been so caught up with school, but I’m trying my best to post at least twice a month! I have a lot more planned for you guys! I can’t wait to show you guys new products that I’ve tried. Stay on the lookout for a pen review coming up soon 🙂 Also, I’m sadly running out of storage for pictures, so I’m making collages to try and save space! I hope that’s okay! Well, have an AMAZING rest of your day. Like and follow me if you like my content 🙂 Thank you, again! -Kimberlyreviews 🙂

**This post was not sponsored by YumeTwins. I was chosen randomly as one of many winners to receive October’s box. It was all by chance. I chose to share with you guys what I received.